Trying to reach the alternative medicine audience?

Let us help.

In today’s competitive business landscape, alternative therapy clinics and businesses face a significant challenge – finding effective platforms to advertise their services. This lack of suitable advertising options hinders business growth and limits the reach of alternative therapies to those who truly need them. We hope to change that.

Our advertising solutions are custom built for providers of alternative medicinal treatments.


Direct Email Marketing

Advertise to local alternative therapy consumers and other recipients that have showed interest in using ketamine, psilocybin or other treatment. Use our email takeovers to reach your ideal target market. Pick your state, or states, and a date to get started.

Perfect for high-impact, state-specific advertising.


Leverage our extensive database of recipients who have a genuine interest in the alternative therapy industry. Sponsor a weekly recap and put your business in front of thousands of engaged consumers nationwide.

Targeted, engaged audience with open rates +55%.

Free Directory Listings

By adding your listings on our site, you gain access to a global audience of potential customers who are actively seeking alternative treatment options. With our user-friendly interface and comprehensive search capabilities, we make it easy for customers to discover and connect with your business. 

Alternative clinic and treatment featured listing

Demographics that Align with Your Brand

Treatment-Specific Advertising Options